The new Mercedes double cab ute, the X-Class was unveiled overnight in South Africa.  I’ll get in right away and say I think this is a very cool car, and will certainly shake up the Dual-Cab ute segment even more than the Volkswagen Amarok did when it launched in early 2010.

However I can’t help but feel a bit put-out when I look at the pictures this morning.  The 2016 concept duo had a really menacing look about them, the razor-sharp design of the headlights giving the luxo-truck real presence.  The detail in the grilles imbued the X with an air of imposing superiority.  The production version?  Meh.  There’s a bit of Jaguar XF about it – where Jaguar did exactly the same thing, then realised they stuffed it up and put the concept headlights on the mid-life facelift.

At the time, Mercedes designers were quoted as saying the concepts were ‘pretty much’ production ready.  What we were all expecting are the Nissan Navara carry over bits and from the rear three-quarter the family resemblance is obvious.  I did think they might have gone a bit further to hide the humble origins of the X Class but then you could see that was the promise with the concept cars – so it’s a non issue.

Of course you expect the wheel and tyre package to be toned down, that winch was clearly for show and those full-width taillights were never going to make it to a work site this side of Bondi but pretty much production ready?  I think they might be a bit Bacon Rind.

Gripes aside, that 190kW V6 Turbo Diesel is going to be sweet.

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