The first thing I ask myself when I’m shopping for a small luxury lifestyley SUV is how far can I get this thing to jump?  No, actually it’s can I flip it?  Oh who am I kidding, it’s really can I get it to do a barrel roll?

Seriously?  Of course not!  It’s things like how is the visibility?  How many kids/dogs/cats/feather boas can I get in it?  How many active safety features does it have so I can switch off half my brain and not be annoyed by mundane tasks like driving?

Jaguar has other ideas and felt that quite aside from having produced a great-looking car that probably drives quite well but has a rubbish interior – that’s my experience with recent Jags anyway – it would be important to show to the world that it can do a barrel roll.

This is valuable consumer advice!  Of all the small SUVs on the market, I’m totally unsure which ones would be best suited to aerobatics.  It’s a conundrum I struggle with on a daily basis, so I’m glad Jaguar has gone to the effort of showing that the E-Pace can.

Their plan was clearly to go viral and just get in front of people and according to Jaguar, place little finger to mouth, one million people viewed the video of the roll within the first week.  So on that count, they’re successful.  Although read between the lines on that, because that one million count is Facebook reach, or people who had the post appear in their feed.  10 days after the post was made, they haven’t cracked the one million views mark.

So was this stunt successful enough to take the E-Pace seriously?  Well now they’re trying to push their behind the scenes video to actually show the car off, which is not going as well.  After two days on YouTube they’re only at 1,864 views – that’s a pretty severe drop off.

Still, it’s nice to know that should I ever come across a correctly angled and twisted ramp in an E-Pace, I can be secure in the knowledge that I can take it on.

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