iRacing have been slowly building up to the 2021 Season 1 release by teasing us. Deftly placed teasers of the Long Beach circuit that is finally getting a promotion to a fully fledged track have whet the appetite. However it’s the last 24 hours has seen two massive announcements that really have us salivating!!

The first was the announcement of the new Dallara iR-01. With the impost of COVID-19 on the world the iRacing team was restricted in what they could do in the way of getting out to see and scan real world cars. So the idea of developing a specialist sim-racing car was born. Working with race-car specialists Dallara, they set out to create the ultimate car for racing.

“With a clean sheet in front of us, we challenged ourselves to build the ultimate open-wheel racecar to bring to our users. The result is an exciting blend of the past, present, and future of grand prix racing that is thrilling to drive and produces incredible on-track battles.” said Steve Meyers, executive producer of iRacing in the press release.

The specs read like a race car dream. 600kg. 900hp 3.0L V10. Limited electronic aids. Nice.

The other announcement probably wasn’t a massive surprise in itself. BMW’s affiliation with iRacing this year has been close, however it’s the timing of it that caught me completely off guard. The BMW M4 GT3 is going to make it’s virtual debut before the real thing has even turned a wheel in anger.

iRacing have called the initial release an ‘early release’. Updates to the car will be made over time before a full release and update happens later in the year. Sounds like a Beta without calling it a Beta test to me. Still, new GT3 content is always welcome and it’s about time we had a new BMW to replace the ageing Z4.

Finally there’s the new Long Beach circuit. Which isn’t new because it’s actually been in iRacing for years. Just in an unfinished ‘Tech Track’ form. It’s great that they’re finally completing it. The screenshots are gorgeous. The flowers at the fountain aren’t going to know what they’re in for when iRacing’s “spirited” population is let loose down the main drag for the first time.

The update is less than a week away and we can’t wait to get stuck in to a couple of these new additions. However, there is one thing we’re wondering about. Steve Meyers cryptically tweeted a picture of some roof vents at the Long Beach street circuit. The racing community was very quick to recognise those vents as the distinctive trapezoidal holes in the roof of the Lamborghini Huracan GT3. Is there another announcement still to come in the next couple of days?

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